Meet David Dawson

We would like to introduce you to David Dawson, an amazing person and former NFL player whose perspective on sports, success, and life, can serve as an inspiration to all young people. David was kind enough to answer some questions and share his story in a recent interview.
A native of San Luis Obispo, California, David Dawson is no stranger to sacrificing for others. Whether it was building houses in the Amazon or orphanages in China, David has always had a passion for serving disadvantaged communities from an early age. He has traveled to over a dozen countries and has found that his experiences have given him unique perspective on the importance of community, teamwork, and perseverance.

David joined Empower 2 Play as a way to continue his established pattern of helping others. David works with Empower 2 Play to provide opportunities and hope to disadvantaged youth. This work is not without a personal dimension for David. After an injury while playing for the NFL that left him temporarily blind, David gained a unique perspective on learning to cope with a disability. Regaining his sight was a welcome relief, but the lessons he learned from the experience have left a lasting impression. Reflecting on his heightened sense of awareness and attunement to others gained when forced to focus on communicating without visual cues, David remarked, “When You’re blind, you finally see.”

His unique experience as an NFL athlete, world traveler, and lifelong philanthropist make him an invaluable addition to the Empower2 Play team. We are lucky to know David and draw from his selfless attitude and wealth of experience.